Illustrating Again

Lately I have started to draw more since I got an iPad Pro. Having the iPad makes it easier for me since I don't need to sharpen pencils and I can use multiple layers without needing tracing paper. Growing up, I would draw every day after school. Once I got to college, I focused more on design work and neglected drawing until I no longer had the time or motivation. Now, I am getting back to my roots and putting my focus back on trying to push my skills. It has been a good feeling to see the the progress that I have made with each new illustration that I do. I have focused on people, as I have always been intimidated by creating a likeness of someone.

Aaron Rodgers

Princess Leia

Gene Wilder



I recently watched the movie INTERSTELLAR, from Christopher Nolan. I really love anything that has to do with space and I was instantly inspired after the movie. After playing around with different ideas, I decided to design a poster. I really liked the idea of the wrist watch in the movie and the use of morse code. (If you haven't seen it, it may not make as much sense) Making the poster animated was something that I felt added more to the concept.


Graduated College. Got a Degree. Moved to Minneapolis, MN.

I recently graduated from University of Wisconsin- Stout with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. Shortly after I moved to Minneapolis, MN and started an internship at ITR mobility.

Shoebox Design Published

My Shoebox design for Five Ten climbing shoes was published in Choi's Package vol. 05. Choi's Package is a periodical that showcases cutting- edge creativity of packaging design around the world.


Typeface I created called Reticulum. I am now working on a type specimen for it


This past weekend I participated in a 48 Hour Repack Competition. Designed the graphics and look of a matchbox. I was the Graphic Designer, Matt Culbertson was the 3D modeler and animator, and Jay Miles provided help with research.

A link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YEmyARBuBY&context=C37d87c8ADOEgsToPDskJT1GPRCzZwL6LF_VbSuloa



My first printmaking assignment is to make a screen print using architecture from Jarvis or the new MSC building on campus. We are allowed to manipulate the photos as much as we wish. Here is my design, incorporating a gauge from pipes, a turn wheel and other textures.  I wonder how it is going to print?

Novel Redesign

Here is a current project I am working on in my Typographic Design class. Redesigning the novella Heart of Darkness. Here is the first chapter opener. With the Villard's Diagram overlayed to properly divide out the page layout. Can't wait to get to the cover!





Testing out my new telephoto lens


UW Stout Pic

I am currently in a photography class and have been renting a digital SLR camera. I have been taking pictures of everything with it. I really love it and have been considering minoring in photography. I took a picture of Bowman Hall at UW-Stout and added the text. That is our main tagline right now at this university. I really like the high quality image with the look of the text.

Digital Painting

Over winter break I had some time to work on some personal projects. One of the projects I worked on is this digital painting of Avril Lavigne I did on photoshop. This was my first attempt at a photoshop digital painting, and I just finished it about a day ago. I am quite happy with how it turned out. I have to remind myself that it was my first attempt and could always do better with more practice. What do you think?


Hey there, welcome to my blog. I am going to try posting some work I work on when not doing school projects. I am not sure how long this will last or how long it will take for a new post, as I can get busy. Here we go!